With online classes preventing students from interacting with one another in person, staying connected is more crucial to classroom development than ever before. In order to create a community inside the classroom, students have to utilize platforms for socializing and contacting each other, as well as their instructors. Although certain class websites require paid subscriptions, one educational platform remains entirely free and incredibly easy to navigate: Edmodo. Students can be involved with their classroom at any time, whether it is through their computer or mobile device. The website addresses common online issues relating to cybersecurity and privacy, offering a safe environment for students to interrelate and exchange ideas. Edmodo offers many features that enhance and promote an engaging classroom experience, keeping the entire classroom connected and constantly participating in activities. 

Building communities through collaboration 

Edmodo allows for teachers and students from other schools in order to grow educational connections. Interacting with other teachers can help provide instructors with incorporating new ideas and concepts during this transition to remote learning. By sharing concepts, teachers all around the world can help one another establish even more engaging courses through online learning. Students can also interact with peers from around the world to learn and share new techniques that they can apply to online learning. 

Involvement through parent accounts

Additionally, parents and guardians of students can get involved in their child’s academic progress. Through parent accounts, students can share certain grades and reports with their parents in order to receive additional academic support at home. 

Implementing progress dashboards for academic success

Not all students thrive well in a remote environment, with many falling behind in studies due to a lack of classroom engagement. The transition to online learning has, unfortunately, already caused many students to lose track of their progress, resulting in a drastic drop in student grades. It is vital for students’ academic success that they keep track of their scores and standing, especially since they will be unable to meet with their teachers face to face. Edmodo provides a feature that contains a dashboard that monitors students’ scores, organizing progress reports and charts. If implemented, these dashboards can significantly benefit students in monitoring their grades. 

Student Progress Dashboard:


Analyzing and monitoring student engagement 

Edmodo not only allows for students to check their progress but also for teachers to analyze the participation and interaction in real-time. Instructors can monitor and see exactly how much time students spend on each assignment and examination, as well as when students log in, in real-time. The dashboard assists teachers in recognizing student’s strengths and skills in various concepts. Through the analytics dashboard, academic dishonesty and plagiarism can also be more simple to detect. 

All in all, Edmodo is a remarkable online resource that continues to be a useful and beneficial tool for students and teachers across the country, as well as the world. Because of the fact that the pandemic has rendered online classes unsafe, online resources are a new necessity.  The features found on Edmodo create an engaging and collective classroom experience.