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Updates Made for 2020 LSAT Exams

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant impact on virtually every standardized exam in the United States, including the LSAT. As more people worry and fear the increased risk of COVID-19, many changes are being made to prevent further exposure and ensure a safe test-taking environment. LSAC has done an incredible job of adapting to the ongoing pandemic occurring in the country. The changes made by LSAC not only guarantee the safety of test-takers but also console them during this stressful time. As of currently, the most significant change to the LSAT exam has been the introduction of LSAT-Flex.

LSAT-Flex: What is it?

The LSAT-Flex is an online proctored exam available for those who were registered to take the exam over the spring and summer. As a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, LSAC has been offering the LSAT-Flex exam since April. Currently, the only LSAT-Flex exam being offered is set for the week of August 29th. Test takers may choose to opt-out of the LSAT-Flex exam, receiving an LSAT coupon valid until April of 2021. LSAC has yet to announce whether or not they will be offering the LSAT-Flex for other exam dates in the future. In addition, the LSAT-Flex will be offering accommodations to approved test takers. LSAC stated that they would be reaching out directly to test takers with approved accommodations before the exam. The LSAT-Flex requires a computer with either macOS or Windows and a functioning webcam. It is highly advised that all test takers check their equipment to ensure no technical issues come exam day.

Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer for in-person LSAT

As of right now, LSAC has allowed for test-takers to wear face masks during the exam. However, there are specific provisions that must be followed when wearing a face mask during the exam. It is very important for the LSAT staff to validate government-issued IDs. Therefore it is possible that test-takers wearing a mask will be asked to remove their face mask briefly for identification. In addition, LSAC has announced that test-takers will be allowed to bring hand sanitizer with them during the exam. The hand sanitizer should be no larger than 8 ounces and may be subject to inspection if brought in a ziplock bag. LSAC has stated that they will resume in-person exams when conditions allow.

Practicing for LSAT-Flex

There are many online practice tests available for the LSAT-Flex exam on the internet. It is recommended to practice taking online tests on the same computer that will be used on test day in order to gain familiarity with the overall layout of the LSAT-Flex. Another recommendation is to practice taking the exam at the same time every time to establish a routine. Getting familiar with the environment and setting is incredibly beneficial to the success of a test taker. Practice exams can be found in LSAC’s LawHub, utilizing the same digital interface as the exam itself.

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