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Make the Most of Summer: Begin SAT Prep Now

Have you made your list of summer goals yet? Hopefully you are well on your way to enjoying more free time with your friends, earning money at a local summer job and making memories that you will cherish when you head off to college in a few years. However, it’s also important that you make time for academics this summer.

Include SAT prep on your list of summer tasks. Here’s a few ways to study for the exam while you are on break from school:

Pick Up a Good Book

This might be a surprising tip, but studying for the SAT doesn’t necessarily mean devouring all of those test prep booklets that they sell online. Instead, challenge yourself this summer by downloading a reading list designed for students who are preparing for the SAT. The list is likely to include plenty of classics as well as unique pieces of literature that you might not have otherwise considered. Take advantage of your free time this summer and strive to read at least three books from this list. This way, you can transform SAT prep into a fun and relaxing activity that you can enjoy on long car rides, at the beach or in your bedroom.

Create a Study Schedule

When you create a study schedule for your summer SAT prep, you will be able to hold yourself accountable. Not only that, it will make the SAT prep work feel a lot more manageable. Set a goal at the beginning of the summer for how many hours you would like to study prior to taking the SAT. Then, break that down into more digestible chunks. For example, if you want to put in 100 hours of study this summer, then you should consider studying about one hour per day. You can fit this hour in while you work out on the treadmill or while you are eating lunch. It’s easy to fit in your study time when you create a schedule that you can stick to.

Take a Practice Test

Before the summer is over, take an SAT practice test to understand where you are at. A practice test will give you insight into which areas you are excelling and which areas you need to focus your studies. It also gives you a better idea of the structure of the test and what you can expect on the day you take the real exam.

When you imagined your summer vacation, you probably pictured yourself laying on the beach and laughing with your friends or staying up late into the night enjoying ice cream and conversation with your squad. While studying for the SAT may not be at the top of your summer wish list, it should be a necessary part of your schedule. You won’t regret the effort that you put into your SAT prep this summer when you get an amazing score after taking the test early in the school year.

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