Although the recent switch to online learning has been stressful and, at times, bewildering, many innovations can provide students with an even more immersive learning environment than before. The internet contains many resources and tools that will not only grant students the same level of education they were receiving before the pandemic but also enhance various learning experiences. 

Working together virtually 

Prior to the pandemic, students had the opportunity to interact with peers and classmates in their academic environment in order to develop new perspectives. The input students gained from their peers assisted in their overall academic growth, helping them learn new concepts that they would then apply to future learning. Peer reviews and small group activities have always been helpful tools for students to share ideas and receive feedback. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in-person classroom experiences are for right now, a concept of the past, causing students to have to interact virtually through their computers. Online learning is still under constant development, with new innovations and ideas surfacing every day, therefore the early stages of adapting to a virtual environment may be difficult. However, resources found on the internet can provide an enhanced learning experience for students that will positively amplify classroom interaction. Students can use online websites, like Google Drive, that allow them to share screens, create documents together, and share ideas through various brainstorm platforms. Screen sharing and linked documents offer students a more immersive experience to work with their peers. 

Worldwide connection through online platforms and applications

In addition to students virtually being able to interact with classmates, online platforms allow for interaction with students throughout the world. New international projects and activities will result in a spark in worldwide connections. Students studying and handling ongoing situations occurring in their area can interact with international students in order to gain a fresh and diverse perspective. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in social distancing and remote classes, online learning can serve as a method to connect students in ways they have never been connected before. By creating a diverse learning environment through the internet, students receive exposure to notions that they were previously unfamiliar with, leading to new academic creations and innovations. 

Online communities and groups

Making sure every student feels heard is critical to establishing a comprehensive learning experience, especially online. Students should have the ability to express themselves and their academic interests. By creating communities on the internet, where students with similar interests and academic goals can interact, students will feel more confident in their academics. Through these communities, students can write interesting posts and share ideas with specific groups that can provide helpful input for students similar in style. In addition to creating groups for classmates to interact, students can also join worldwide communities to continue receiving a diverse educational experience. Before the pandemic, the use of computers in an academic setting was not as accepted as today. With computers being incredibly essential tools for global education in today’s current era, more and more beneficial innovations have been arising that drastically refine and improve the everyday lives of students everywhere.